Sogeti wins €41m sustainable workplace deal with Amsterdam

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

IT provider Sogeti has signed a €41m deal in the Netherlands, where it is expected to develop and implement a new digital workplace for the City of Amsterdam.

The overall contract is for six years with an option to extend to eleven years.

The new cloud-based workplace deal will ensure 19,000 civil servants of the City of Amsterdam can work efficiently, safely, remotely, and in a collaborative environment. Sogeti will deploy its SMART WorkSpace solution, connecting employees to a high-performance platform with any device and available on a pay-per-use model. Sogeti will further support the migration to a new Microsoft 365 digital work environment and partnered with Mixit, a Dutch-based digital workplace company, to support a seamless transition and successful user adoption.


PAC’s View

The most interesting aspect of this deal is that sustainability is central to the approach. CO2 and energy reduction, circularity, and the reduction of raw material use are part of the design. Encouraging employees to make better sustainable decisions includes sending fewer emails, storing and printing fewer documents – a move that will also lead to cost-savings. We believe that this will become a standard feature of the new wave of digital workplace deals that will play out in the coming months.

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