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The SITSI® Research Library is the most comprehensive research platform on software and IT services

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Why Choose PAC


Unparalleled Market Expertise

We have been studying and reporting on the IT Services & Software Markets for over 40 years and that has given us unique insight into patterns and nuances in data to give our customers a competitive edge in the ever-changing environment that they operate in

Experts Panel

Analyst Insight

It has been proven that successful leadership makes data-backed decisions. We know that this can be time and resource-intensive. 


That's why SITSI offers access to our team of experts to help our customers make the right decisions for their enterprise. SITSI is backed by world-class experts in their fields who have spent years analysing and reporting on the unique challenges and opportunities within the IT Services & Software Markets.

Industry & Vertical Expertise

SITSI research is focused on industry-leading Topics like

  • AI, BI & Analytics

  • Business Application related services 

  • Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

  • CyberSecurity 

  • Digital Innvovation & IoT


PAC publishes market reports, detailed market figures, vendor rankings at worldwide and local levels, and much more for all major topics. 

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